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♥ Thursday, 25 June 2009 / 22:48


♥ Friday, 19 June 2009 / 20:12

Hello. I'm back. Only after 3 days. I din't go anywhere. Just lazy to update.
Been watching a lot of movies lately and I find them rather funny. Watched Pink Panther 2 this afternoon and I was like lmao all the way. When Alfred Molino catched the flower at the end while he was wearing a pink tutu and carrying that bag. I almost cried. It was truly funny. ((((((: . Besides that, I also watched CSI:NY season 5 on dvd. It was really awesome. Like the director really stepped up his game. In the previous series, the killer is like really obvious. Like you just have that gut feeling that its him. But this series, well, it was rather difficult to identify the killer. Even though I did a couple of times. call me a freak but whatever. Sorry to those of you who watches CSI and don't really want the ending to be given away. I'm going to include a couple of spoilers. ((((: .

Anyways, about an episode. It was later in the season. However, I don't remember the title though but it discussed about this racist white guy, Michael Elgers or something. He ruined the name Mike. LOL. Anyways, he had a huge swastika symbol tattooed on his skinned head. He was of course, a Neo-Nazi. Anyways, in the later part of the episode, there was a woman who was interviewed and she said like the things she went through during the Holocaust. I know it was scripted and all but still, the emotions were real. I never went through what she went through so I can't actually feel what she felt at that time. But, I know it was painful. Frankly, I never experienced much pain in my life. I felt some, but her pain was much more unbearable.

6,000,000 Jews were taken by the Nazis, only 900,000 survived. I think. Imagine, if you were a Jew, how would you feel?Imagine, if you were a survivor, how would you feel? Contented. You'll feel like there is still a shred of hope in your already miserable life. It made me appreciate my life even though its not perfect. No one's is. Anyways, I did a little reasearch on the Holocaust and this is what I found.

Its sad. How can they find happiness in killing babies????????! .
My post ends here as I can't bear crying while typing. So blurry.

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♥ Tuesday, 16 June 2009 / 21:52

Hello all. I knew I said that I'm not gonna update, but I just can't refrain myself. )))): . I really think I'm either addicted or have a problem. Either way, I need help. I'm not going to say about my day for today or yesterday because none of you fucking care. I don't even care. Its filled with a whole lot of sleeping, vomiting and more sleeping. I've been really sick lately. )): . But my appetite is like a monsters. I'm afraid I'm gonna gain like shitloads of weight before school like reopen. Its like its closed for good anyways. I don't even know why its called that. Hoho. I even feel woozy just typing this post. ))): .
*I notice a lot of )): in my post today. *

Been reading Yanaa's blog and there was like a post on Fauzi Rassull and his skinniness. I obviously am not skinny but like now, skinny is REALLY the new black. Like kids and whoever will try and do their best to be skinny, I repeat, SKINNY, not acceptable. These kids are not really stupid, they just want to be accepted into society. If you're like fat, you will probably have experiences when people, near or far, just pick on you just because of your size. It'll lower your self-esteem and give you suicidal thoughts. If its to the extreme.
If you're skinny, people will think your beautiful.
Well, whatever to these people. -.- .

Anyways, been stalking someone and his blogpost wrote something like "bla3. drag me to hell was like fucking scary and bla3 and eyeballs bla3 slime in her mouth bla3. "
Like what's all the hype about? Its only PG. Its not even NC16. Watched one of those movies before and frankly, it wasn't that scary. The M18 kind of gory like qurantine is like OMG. I didn't sleep that night. That's what you call scary. (((: . I've been trying to watch Friday the 13th but my whole family is against me watching it. They said something like there's some there's a lot of sexual scenes. They don't want to contaminate my already contaminated mind. -.- . There's a reason why i took bio. HOHO.

Been watching a whole lot movies lately, like Confessions Of a Shopaholic, He's Just Not That Into You , Bride Wars, Amusement. Actually the list goes on and on. ((: . I've been watching a lot of chick flicks to sort of mend my broken heart. Don't ask why. But some of you already know why. Hoho.

Hmm. I think that's like it. ((((: .

♥ Sunday, 14 June 2009 / 22:35

Hoho. I'm back bitches! Again, really wanted to say that. (( : . So, the weekend of the 2nd week passed and I spent it doing very productive things. I did 0 homework. ((: . I did however strengthen my relationship with my family and friends.

Hmm, if you guys are itching to know how my day went for yesterday and also today, here's a fairly detailed run through of the things that happened.

Saturday. - 13.06.09

So formal! Hoho. I woke up at like about noon. My family wanted to go out for a nice day out, and daddy decided to go for soem seafood in Malaysia. I think it's to celebrate either father's day or dad's pay day. My mum was complaining because i took forever to actually get something to wear. So in the end I wore a black tube with a black cardigan and black latent heels. ((: . I was happy with that after 3 dress changes. There was a jam at the M'sian customs so my dad decided to use the buses/vans lane. My 'white card' disappeared so I had to rush to fill up another one on the spot. )): . Got there, ate a lot of food and bought a lot of chewing gum. I know its like unfabulous but who the fuck cares? I obviously don't. ((: . Got home at around 7. Slacked until like 11 when Ain wanted a conference with me and Azhar. It was a very funny conversation and they realised that my laugh was like a baby's. I was all smiles when I was complimented. We talked about a lot of things. Azhar headed off for Langakawi this morning and he asked us what we wanted as a souvenir. In the end, he decided that he's getting me the more expensive gift and Ain the more sentimental one but is less expensive. Yknw, like carved stuff. ((: . We talked for about 2 hours. And in total they talked for 3. ((: .

Sunday.- 14.06.09

Again with the formalities. ((: . Woke up at exactly 11.11 after being rudely interrupted by Asyiqin's phone call. Then we had a 3-way conference. Asyiqin+Ain+Nadin. It was awkward-ish. Hoho. We then decided to go to the library to do some catching up. It was fun! Too bad, we didn't really camwhored. So, too bad. Hoho. I realised that many people are having weddings today. Seriously. There were plenty of people all dolled-up for someone else's happiness. )): . We were at the library and then we went to Jurong Point, ate at LJS and walked around. Whilest walking around, Ain & I went inside a jewellery store,(soo kee) and looked at rings. I saw a 1.5k $9000+ ring. It was love at first sight. But the diamond was like white. I want a pink diamond. I shall continue to search for my dream ring. ((( : .


And there you go. ((: . If a normal ring cost about $10 000. Mine would cost? 'Natural pink diamond retails for anywhere between $10,000 and $400,000 per carat.' I want a 3 carat ring. Whoever that I marry is a rich and lucky man. (((((((: . Went home after that and slacked. I wanted to use the computer like at 8.30 but my sister was using. Then i went crazy from the boredom. I think I'm addicted or something.

HOHO. I'm not gonna update for a while I think as I have a responsibility. ((: .


Sorry for all the typos. I'm typing in the dark.

♥ Saturday, 13 June 2009 / 01:33

I can't sleep. This is a short post tho. I just wanted to say:

♥ Friday, 12 June 2009 / 20:46

Hoho. Its the third day since I developed this flu. Don't worry people. Its not swine flu. Or at least I think. I've been sneezing really badly and the runny nose is just disgusting. I think i developed it on Monday when I walked under the rain. Hoho. Idk. I feel pathetic and stupid. It may be the flu or just me. But whatever.

Its been days since Diyanah and I last contacted each other. I miss her so much! I think Tuesday was our last day? Idk. Hoho. She wanted to go out like 2 months ago to watch Jonas Brothers but idk what happened. The idea just sort of disappeared I guess.

Asyiqin got back from Indonesia a couple of days ago and she's like really into the whole Bandung-Jakarta thing. I've never been there but from the looks of it, I would love to go there as there is shopping, shopping and more shopping! Hoho. Its cooling too. She said that the girls there have that distinct look. Long hair with bangs. Who seh that have that look. Dhira. Duh. Hoho. If you guys don;t know who she is, she is erm.. Okayy, even I don't know who she is. I just saw her pics. Like is you see the minahs and mats of this society, you can see the star-printed hoodie and skinnies. ALL OF THEM LOOK THE SAME. Hoho. Singaporeans don't really have a sense of style. T-shirt and flip-flops. Hoho.

GSS season now. I want to save some cash and buy me knee-high leather boots. The high-fashion kind. Not the boots my father go to work with. HOho. How awesome would that be? I'd match it with denim skinny jeans, white plain top and a leather jacket. I'll look professional and casual at the same time. Hoho. I need cash.

The maths quiz this morning was difficult. I did it with all my might for the first question and I got it wrong. My hopes for achieving fuul marks were diminished. Hojho. I tikam2-ed for the next 4 questions and got it all wrong except for question 4. I got it right. Hoho.

So, I'm going to Malaysia tomorrow for a family thing. I think I'm going uh. My dad wants the whole family to sleep over at my other house but no. I don't wish to do that. Hoho. I think I said enough.

Bye. HOHO.

♥ Thursday, 11 June 2009 / 22:54

I feel realyy sick. Doesn't this statement seem inviting? Seriously. I feel sucky. I felt this way like last week i think. Idk, time flies so fast i don't even know what day/date it is today. Seriously, what date is it? Its the eleventh. I think. If it is, tomorrow will be my parent's pay day! yay. Finally can get that new spectacles daddy promised. ((: . Prefect's bonding day tomorrow. So don't feel like going. I'm sick. Hoho. I just excused myself. hoho.

I've been wanting to put like songs for this blog. But, lazy uh. So people, just enjoy the peace and quiet. ((: .

FUCK. I FUCKING HATE GLOBAL WARMING. It's so hot now. Especially in Singapore. And it's the summertime. I don't understand why Americans look forward to this season. I can't get a tan. It'll end up as a sunburn. Fuck Asian skin. Hoho.

Been having discussions on how my kid will look like. This is him, Michael(my son's name)

Such a cutie! Hoho. He's a little too fat tho. At least he's like super cute. Hoho. I just realised that this is the first picture in my blog. And it's black and white. I seem pretty boring huh. Hoho. for those who are itching to know, here's a run through of my day.

Woke up late, called Asyiqin and bathed. Got ready for school. I have to meet up Mrs Yan for extra SS lesson since I missed both her lessons last week due to my fever. We were at the staff lounge and the teachers that entered waas like " Woah, private tuition ah. How much did you pay her uh? " Then i was startled. I thought to myself, why can't teachers be nice? Hoho. Seriously, Mrs Yan was really nice to me today. She helped me with the last chapter of the SS textbook. Like she really went through the whole thing. Hoho. After the lesson, ate a lot of gummied stuff on the bus ride home and was like emo-ing all the way till 8. Then got really annoying to my sis. Hoho. It was on purpose. ((: . I got nothing else to say so my post will just end here. ((:.

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